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Atop Avalanche Peak in Yellowstone National Park

Atop Avalanche Peak in Yellowstone National Park


Matthew Fluke

I am a Senior Graphic Design student at Auburn University, and an aspiring Graphic Designer and Illustrator.

Growing up in Orlando, FL, I was surrounded by the dreamlike landscape of Walt Disney World throughout my childhood. This world of open imagination and endless possibilities inspired me to create things, and from a young age I was fascinated with drawing and storytelling.

As I matured, this creative instinct molded into a love for graphic design, and I began an exploration of how to best tell stories through the images I make. My education at Auburn has provided me with a well-rounded knowledge of every aspect of graphic design, from illustration, to package and web design. I excel at choosing color palettes and composing layouts, and lately I have been experimenting with new typographical styles. In the future, I hope to create meaningful work that inspires and empowers people, as Walt Disney and countless others have influenced me.





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